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Exterior luminaries of series HONOR STRAND with multiconfiguration optics
Material: the body of the luminary is an aluminium stamping

Glazing: akrylate or polycarbonate (Antivandal)

protection degree: IP 65 ensures perfect inner cleanness of the luminary necessary 
for economical running. For a period of 15 years it is not necessary to do any inner maintenance of the luminary.

Finishing: powder coated tints of RAL:
      RAL 9017 black
      RAL 7016 anthracite grey
      RAL 7037 dusty grey
      RAL 5003 sapphire blue
      RAL 6005 light moss green
      RAL 3005 wine red

      At request it is possible to order also other tints of RAL

it is possible to take out without dismounting the luminary. 
All the common lamps up to 250W are usable.

Connecting the luminary onto "U" bracket

Connection "Easy fit" for quick   mounting
STRAND A: mounting hight from  7 m to 10 m lamp max. 250 W

STRAND A plus: mounting hight from 7 m to 12 m lamp max. 400 W

STRAND B: mounting hight from 4 m to 7 m lamp max. 150 W

STRAND C: mounting hight from 2,5 m to 5 m lamp max. 100 W

Variant Size
A B B*
A 643 670 527 11,5
A Plus 870 900 - 18,5
B 575 585 484 8,5
C 498 480 396 5,5

Lighting-technical proposal:
A part of a delivery is a proposal for dislocation of luminaries and setting up
optics according to required quality of illumination.

Connecting the luminary onto "U" bracket
Four-cornered shape of a bracket Tear drop shape of a bracket Rounded shape of a bracket
variants of glazing and shades
Narrowed shade
tear drop glazing
Narrowed shade
rounded glazing
Wide shade
tear drop glazing
Narrowed shade
roudned glazing