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We intoduce you the most progressive system of protection of objects from lightning.

The main characteristic of E.S.E. lightning terminal DAT-CONTROLER is a creation of rising stream earlier than it is created by other objects. This characteristics is called average gain in triggering time at creating of rise stream and is laboratory mesurable. This gain determines the space of protection for every model of a lightning conductor.

THE PRINCIPLE OF WORKING at creation of lightning discharge

When the weather is shiny without stormy clouds, the rate of electrical field in atmosphere is very low. Creation of lightning is preceded by rising of this electrical field to more than 10 kV / m2. This natural energy is cumulated in a condenser of triggering circuit of E.S.E. lightning conductor DAT - CONTROLER that automaticly turns into an active situation.

Approaching of a lightning discharge causes sudden increace of intensity of surrounding electrical field, and it causes an origin of of area with a risk of lingtning stroke. If this area is inside the space determined by the circle of radius Rp (see the table), control circuit of E.S.E. lightning conductor reacts and actives operation circuit. It enables a discharge of the condenser directed at a downward lightning stroke. So a safe way of the lightning to earth is determined. DAT - CONTROLER does not need any extra device. Atmospheric electrics is its only source of energy. The whole set is made up only by E.S.E. lightning conductor, a wire, and an earth connection.

EFFECTIVITY of E.S.E. lightning conductor:

DAT-CONTROLER does not attract the lightning, but it safely earths it, because it firstly creates a rase stream, which influences a trajectory and a place of strike of a lightning stroke, which prevents injury and demage of property.