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Exterior luminaries of a series HONOR JERMAD - CONE
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The body is an aluminium cast with a screw for glazing. It is available
in Dekora (mark D) or Norma (mark N) design.

powder coated tints of RAL

Glazing of luminaries of series Cone is made up by two parts - a diffuser and a shade that are made from polyethylen with a high resistance against shocks and outer influences (especially UV emission) and can be fully recycled. The lamp can be changed without using tools, glazing is connected with the body by a screw connection.

is a closed profile that provides a high degree of protection, it is made in opal finishing.

is made in a shape of hemisphere (mark S01) or cone brunt (mark S02) with a wide or narrow edging (mark u).

IP 65 guarantees perfect inner cleanness of the luminary necessary for economic running. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to do any inner maintenance of the luminary.

- high pressure sodium lamp - HPS 50 - 100 W / E27, E40
- high pressure mercury lamp - MV 80 - 125W / E27
- compact fluorescent - CF 23W / E27
- metal halide lamp - MH 50-100W / E27
- incandescent lamp max. 150W / E27

Mounting dispositions:
Both variations of luminaries can be mounted onto a bracket or a body of a pole of ø 60 mm.

Recommended use:
Decorative lighting of streets, parks, car parks, pedastrian zones, etc.

Lighting - technical proposal:
A part of a deliver is a proposal of dislocation of luminaries according to required quality of illumination.
KU 250/S01/D               KU 250/S01/N

KU 250/S01u/D             KU 250/S01u/N

KU 250/S02/D               KU 250/S02u/N
KU 250/S02u/D             KU 250/S02u/N

Exterior luminaries HONOR JERMAD - Cone

načrt KU 250 S01/D
Náčrt  KU 250 S01u/N
Variations Name Measurements Weight (kg)
Glazing Body  Shade A B C
KU 250
Dekora  hemisphere S01
 KU 250/S01/D
680 630 250 7,1
Dekora  hemisphere with narrow edging S01u
 KU 250/S01u/D
680 550 250 6,7
Norma  hemisphere S01
 KU 250/S01/N
645 630 250 6,0
Norma  hemisphere with narrow edging S01u
 KU 250/S01u/N
645 550 250 5,5

Náčrt KU 250/S02/D Náčrt KU 250/S01u/N

Variants Name Measurements Weight (kg)
Glazing Body Shade A B C
KU 250
Dekora   cone brunt S02  KU 250/S02/D 510 630 250 6,9
Dekora   cone brunt with narrow edging S02u  KU 250/S02u/D 510 550 250 6,5
Norma   cone brunt, edging S02  KU 250/S02/N 475 630 250 5,7
Norma   cone brunt with narrow edging S02u  KU 250/S02u/N 475 550 250 5,3