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Movable occasional exterior lighting

Honor company has developed movable exterior luminaries for demands of occasional illumination of exterior areas. These luminaries can be used everywhere where permanent exterior lighting is not installed and a short time illumination of an area is necessary, like e.g. at feasts, fairs, concerts, and other sociable actions. It can also be used for a seasonal illumination of restaurant gardens, etc.

high presure sodium lamp - HPS 50 - 100 W / E27
high presure mercury lamp - MV 80 - 125W / E27
compact fluorescent - CF 23W / E27
methal halide - MH 50-100W / E27
incandescent lamp max. 150W / E27

      Těleso Decora           Těleso Norna

Description of luminaries:
Glazing is made from polyethylen in opal finishing. It excels with a high resistance against shocks
and outer influences (especialy UV emission). It can be fully recycled.

It is made in shapes:
     Sphere of ø 400 mm or ø 500 mm
     Hemisphere of ø 500 mm with a shade of a hemispheric or conical brunt shape
     Cone of ø 500 mm with a shade of a hemispheric or conical brunt shape

Movable poles they are provided with a flange so that stability of the luminary is provided.
Height of poles is 1000 - 2000 mm (at request it is possible to make any adjustment of poles).

Finishing of metal parts:
    • heat zinc
    • powder coated tints of RAL

Note: In case of need it is possible to make or adjust the device according to your requests.
         All the luminaries of series type HONOR JERMAD can be used for movable lighting.