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Exterior luminary of series HONOR CITYLUX
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-Indirect illumination with a reflection from a scattering sheet

-High uniformity of illumination, soft shadows, pleasant illumination

-The lamp is situated inside the pole

-The lamp is perfectly protected against damage and dirt

-Access to the lamp is by the door of the pole

-Changing of the lamp from the level of ground without using a ledder,  
autolift, etc.

-No glazing

-Really unbreakable design - there is simply nothing to break

Recommended usage:
A decorative luminary of streets, parks, pedastrian zones, etc.
To establish a convenient dislocation, height, and power requirement of luminaries a ligting-technical proposal is added to the luminary.

Ingress protection IP 65
El. protection class 1
Materials steel body, stainless deflector
Finish zinc galvanised
Optic system zinc galvanised and polyester powder coated
Lamp reflector + dispersive lens + deflector
Servicing methal halide 70W/E27
Mounting service door without using autolift or ledder
Sizes with roof or flange plate mounting
pole ø 114 mm, maximum height 4 m
Changing of a lamp