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Bended brackets - type "C"

Finishing: hot dip galvanising
Brackets are made for a diameter of the body: D = 60, D = 76, D = 89 D = 114 (mm) with a diameter of the arm: d = 60mm, d = 76 mm.

Example of marking in order: HONOR V4C 20 D114 - d60

(Instead of a diameter of the arm it is possible to present directly the type of the luminary.)

Typ kg
V1C10 D.../d.. 19
V2C10 D.../d.. 27
V3C10 D.../d.. 33
V1C15 D.../d.. 21
V2C15 D.../d.. 30
V3C15 D.../d.. 40
V1C20 D.../d.. 24
V2C20 D.../d.. 35
V3C20 D.../d.. 58

Tolerance of measurements reserved

At request it is possible to make an adjustment of brackets.

HONOR V4 C20 D114 - d60:
V4 - a number of arms of the bracket
C0 - a length of the bracket
D114 - an upper diameter of the body
d60 - a diameter of the tip of the arm for fixation of the luminary